Photographs from the fieldwork conducted in July–October 2018 
aimed to document performances of jathilan, Javanese trance dance.
Jathilan Klasik by Turonggo Mudho Wiromo group
Kudho Manunggal Kalidadap performing at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta​​​​​​​
A member of Celenk Ningrat group, a female pawang (trance master) 
and a dancer from Bekso Kudho Mataram (below) 
performing at a village purification ceremony (Merti Dusun) in Desa Wisata Krebet
Jathilan Turangga Cahyo Mudo performance at Pakualaman (left) and
Kudha Kumara at Museum Perjuangan Yogyakarta (right)
Ebeg Banyumas 
- a version of the horse dance performed in Banyumas Regency, Central Java,
characterized by the mass trance occurring in the end of every performance.
Jathilan Manunggal Budaya
Kudho Puspito group
Kudho Praneso group
Kudho Praneso group
Kuda Kencana from Kulon Progo Regency
Celenk Ningrat crew leaving after the performance
A selection of works was exhibited in February 2020 in Rumah Budaya Indonesia, Berlin to accompany public talk and documentary film presentation by Monika Proba.
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