Eva Rapoport, photographer, cultural anthropologist, journalist; was born in the Soviet Union, has spent about seven years living in Southeast Asia, working on the research of spirit possession beliefs and practices in Javanese culture and photography projects documenting traditional performances and festivities.
Eva has published photo-series and illustrated articles in various Russian, Indonesian and international printed and online media (Discovery Magazine Russia, L’Officiel Voyage Russia, The Familiar Strange, Eye-Photo Magazine, Bird in Flight, JogjaMag, WowShack Indonesia, etc.) and presented her research at multiple international academic conferences.
Feb 2020: Rumah Budaya Indonesia, Berlin, Germany
‘Kuda Lumping: Trance and Possession in a Javanese Ceremony’ – small selection of works depicting the dance, exhibited to accompany public talk and documentary film presentation by Monika Proba.
Sep 2019: BAS Galerie, Berlin, Germany
‘Moveable Feast. Yogyakarta Edition’ – solo photo exhibition showcasing documentation of parades and carnivals that took place in Yogyakarta region (Java, Indonesia) between 2014 and 2018.
Feb 2019: In the City, Co-working and Co-living,
Chiang Mai, Thailand
‘Chiang Mai Looks’ – photo portrait series exhibition, part of a visual-based study of the unique community of expats and digital nomads that has emerged in the city of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.
Apr 2018: SEA-Junction,
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), Thailand
‘Living amongst the Dead: Disparity in Manila North Cemetery’ – solo photo exhibition portraying life of the Philippine cemetery-slums.
Feb 2017: SEA-Junction,
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), Thailand
‘Facing trance’ – solo photo exhibition showcasing the results of then 2-year-long research of jathilan, Javanese trance dance.
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