Eva Rapoport, photographer, cultural anthropologist, journalist; was born in Soviet Union, for the past 7 years based in Southeast Asia, working on research of spirit possession beliefs and practices in Javanese culture and photography projects documenting traditional performances and festivities.
Eva has published photo-series and illustrated articles in various Russian, Indonesian and international printed and online media (Discovery Magazine Russia, L’Officiel Voyage Russia, Eye-Photo Magazine, JogjaMag, Bird in Flight, WowShack Indonesia, etc.) and presented her research at various international academic conferences.​​​​​​​
Feb 2020: Rumah Budaya Indonesia, Berlin, Germany
‘Kuda Lumping: Trance and Possession in a Javanese Ceremony’ – small selection of works depicting the dance, exhibited to accompany public talk and documentary film presentation by Monika Proba.
Sep 2019: BAS Galerie, Berlin, Germany
‘Moveable Feast. Yogyakarta Edition’ – solo photo exhibition showcasing documentation of parades and carnivals that took place in Yogyakarta region (Java, Indonesia) between 2014 and 2018.
Feb 2019: In the City, Co-working and Co-living,
Chiang Mai, Thailand
‘Chiang Mai Looks’ – photo portrait series exhibition, part of a visual-based study of the unique community of expats and digital nomads that has emerged in the city of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.
Apr 2018: SEA-Junction,
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), Thailand
‘Living amongst the Dead: Disparity in Manila North Cemetery’ – solo photo exhibition portraying life of the Philippine cemetery-slums.
Feb 2017: SEA-Junction,
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), Thailand
‘Facing trance’ – solo photo exhibition showcasing the results of then 2-year-long research of jathilan, Javanese trance dance.
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